Podcasts and Radio Shows Transcripts

Want to magnify the impact of your podcasts and radio shows?

WhooshTranscription provides professional podcast transcription services that will magnify the impact of your podcast quickly and affordably. With our professional transcripts, more people are exposed to the important information your podcasts offer.

Some people would rather read a podcast than listen to it; they are more comfortable and absorb information better when they read. For those who are hearing impaired, listening to your podcast just isn’t an option. Furthermore, for listeners who are not native speakers, a transcript greatly improves their comprehension. Thus, making the content of your podcast available as text opens up a whole new possibility of learning for your potential clients. Offering transcripts of your podcasts also increases the reach of your podcast.

In addition, search engines cannot detect the content of your podcast without a transcript. If search engines don’t display your podcast in their results, many potential clients may never listen to it. But once you pair your podcast with an accurate transcript from WhooshTranscription, the podcast will start showing up in search engine results and you’ll get the traffic it deserves in no time.

Do you need accurate and cost-effective transcript for your podcast/radio show? Get in touch!