Research Interview Transcription

Need your research interview transcribed?

WhooshTranscription provides unsurpassed research interview transcription services over a wide range of disciplines and categories. Irrespective of the field of your academic research interview, we’ll transcribe it for you. We know how important it is for your transcribed text to be both accurate and inexpensive. We’ve built our transcription company on a foundation of these two principles.

Our transcribers are qualified and trained in deciphering different accents, which makes our task of offering exceptional quality and accuracy that much easier. We provide highly accurate research interview transcription with quick turnaround times, affordable prices which will surely be lower than all of our competitors. We endeavor to meet your individual need and are able to offer time-stamped interview transcripts as required.

Confidential research interview transcription? No Worries. WhooshTranscription has established strict privacy policies to protect the confidentiality and security of information that may be contained in research interview transcripts. We always sign NDAs.

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