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  • Best Headphones for Transcription

    Best Headphones for Transcription

    A few months ago, my trusted set of transcription headphones disintegrated.  After 5 years of faithful service, the plastic headband that held them together broke. I tried to get another pair, but the manufacturer had discontinued the model. So I set out to find another pair of transcription headsets to work with. After trying out […]

  • Best Transcription Software for Mac

    Best Transcription Software for Mac

    Yesterday, I got this email from a reader of this blog. I’ll paraphrase (won’t bore you will the smiles and lols). “Hey Kongo, thanks for all the advice on choosing a transcription headphone. What would you recommend as the best transcription software for Mac?  Thanks, Maggie.” I replied to her email and I thought I […]

  • Best Transcription Foot Pedal

    Best Transcription Foot Pedal

    What is the best transcription foot pedal? From my personal experience, it’s the Infinity IN-USB-1 transcription foot pedal. Believe me, I don’t make that statement lightly. And I’ sticking my neck out here, though justifiably, proclaiming that the Infinity is the best transcription foot pedal. But, we’ve jumped the gun. I’ll get into the reasons […]